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$60.00 NZD each

$12.00 NZD each


$55.00 NZD each

$4.50 NZD each


$50.00 NZD each

$2.70 NZD each


$45.00 NZD each

$1.65 NZD each

Prices based on Single Sided 600mm x 900mm Flags (incl GST).
Discount starts at 2 units with the same or different artwork.
Upgrade to Double Sided Flags for additional 40% + per unit.

Custom Flags (600mm x 900mm)


Custom Flags (900mm x 1500mm)


Custom Flags (900mm x 1800mm)


Custom Flags (1200mm x 1800mm)


Custom Flags (1200mm x 2400mm)


Custom Flags (1500mm x 2400mm)


Detailed Information:

  Lightweight and compact for transport
  Quality washable fabric with full colour printing
  Water resistant, for both indoor and outdoor occasions
  True double sided printing available
  100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  Value for money

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$60.00 NZD
Per Piece
$60.00  NZD
Estimated Delivery Fee $12.00 NZD
$72.00 NZD
  Full color digital printing Incl.

Contact Us for larger quantities.

Custom Flags are printing via screen or digital print depending on the artwork and quantity. Any design can be print and too any size. We have a No Minimum order quantity.

We make all nation flags of course, usually to a ratio 2:1 format for the local market, but national flags to the correct proportions is no problem.

We can not give an exact answer to how long the flag will last, The government generally expects a polyester or cotton bunting flag to last approximately 180 days based on daily usage from sunrise to sunset - but not during periods of inclement weather. Tests have shown that in some cases a flag flown 24 hours a day will last only one-forth as long as one flown during daylight hours only.

Regardless of how well it is constructed, a flag is, after all, only a piece of cloth and will sooner or later succumb to the elements. However, it has been well documented that reasonably good care can contribute greatly to longer life.

Single Sided or Double Sided
Single sided for custom flags is most common the flags image is printed one side and bleeds through to the back in reverse, the flags are lighter and fly in the wind easier these are of course half the cost of double sided flags. Double sided flags are 2 custom flags printed and sewn together with a block out material to stop the see through so you get the image correct both sides. These flags are heavier, more costly and takes more wind to move them.

900mm x 1800mm Single Sided is the common size for a standard outside flag pole.

Please note this is just a promotional flag, so if you are after a flag for long term outside use, the promotion flag is not the best option.


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